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501st DB Collections Overview

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501st dB Collections provides a unified and easy-to-use framework for managing contents of all kinds related to 501st merchandises.

Main Features:

The website is mainly dedicated to help members :

* Keep trace of their collections (have list),
* Simplify their trading activities (want/trade lists),
* Keep an online archives of 501st merchs (thru a dedicated 'ARCHIVES' user),

All functionalities available on Legion Boards have been developped and enhanced when possible (Display my want/need etc.),

Those functionalities are available thanks to :

  1. Advanced data edition features and rich GUI layouts :User friendly interface with advanced capabilities

    * Display data in grids,
    * Filters / Sort Data and row counting (total of rows accounting pre-selected filters),
    * Pagination Management
    * Data Editing with filters to get quick data access

  2. Based on completely database driven site engine,
  3. E-mail a friend and Print format available for every Article (news feed),
  4. Take into account user feedbacks and any suggestions to improve the use of the DB,
  5. Roadmap (ex : addition of charts to display some interesting statistics - top 10, monthly stats etc., Visitor map etc.),

Extensive Administration:

  1. GUI Component available thru Advanced Control Panel,
  2. Complete user management with additional profil informations (TKID, Nickname on Legion Boards, Personal Notes (in case a user is suspending trade temporarily for example), date last DB Update etc.)
  3. Advanced data edition features ( in-line Text editor similar to any basic word processor software) and rich GUI layouts,
  4. Collection, Category and Item management fully editable and manageable (CRUD operations, (un)/publishing items etc.),
  5. Object hierarchy - as many Sections, pages as needed,
  6. News, FAQs, Sections, Articles, Polls/Survey fully editable and manageable,
  7. Template Manager (template will be changed from time to time),
  8. Hosted on Linux/Unix, Windows, MacOSX server,
  9. Centralized hosting of images on single remote host server,
  10. Database Backup/Restore (complete website including webpages and dB) and Maintenance Operations,
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